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Small Business Safety Resources

Small businesses across the US need to comply with OSHA requirements.

But the requirements are vastly different for small business, doing low-hazard work, than say, your average construction company.

For that reason, we have a separate section for the small businesses out there. Whether it's a mom and pop shop or a growing enterprise, this will get you on your way quickly and efficiently.

Our intention is to give you some fast, simple resources to get you on your way to OSHA compliance without complicating things.

We aren't here to sell you on anything you don't need.

In fact, many of the resources on this page are free.

And if you do find yourself needing greater help, we're here for that too.

Best Resources for Small Businesses

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08 Steps to Confidently Navigate OSHA Safety Requirements

This book quickly and easily walks you through the basics of OSHA requirements that many of our customers needed when starting out.

It's laid out simply and in plan language to help you understand things like:

Federal OSHA and State OSHA Programs

General Industry and Construction Designations

Injury and Illness Recording

OSHA-Required Documents

OSHA Inspections

Download and get your start today!



Or, check out this blog post.

It covers the basics for small businesses today and

walks through the basics of the book in an easy-to-read

quick-start guide.


Online Safety Consultation


Want specialized help?

We offer online consulting.

This is especially useful for businesses who need some concentrated safety expertise but aren't necessarily at the point where they want to hire a full-time safety professional or an onsite consultant.

We offer free 20-30 minute consultations before your appointment to make sure this is the right fit for you and collect information so we are prepared to make your online consulting session as value-added as possible.


Written Safety Programs

OSHA requires written safety programs be implemented for certain topics.

The purpose of this, is to outline the way your company will address hazards, allow for an ordered approach and provide a reference for employees.

The exact list of programs needed, varies from company to company, but we found most of our small business clients needed a general Small Business Safety Program Package.

That's why developed this product.

It includes the 9 most common programs that small businesses need.

The program package was developed using OSHA and ISNetworld® RAVS®.

You will be able to instantly download the programs after checkout.

You can customize them easily, including company name, logo, titles and other company-specific information.

These programs are professionally written and editing to provide your company with a fast, affordable solution.


Additional Free Resources

We appreciate our customers and offer a variety of free resources based on our customers most frequent questions and concerns.

So go ahead, take a look and let us know how we can help you!

Free E-Book

Free Emergency Action Plan

Free Toolbox Talk

Free Hot Work Permit

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