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Let's face it, no two companies are the same.

That's why we offer a wide rage of custom services online and onsite so you can get exactly what you need

Below are a few examples.

For Companies with Established Safety Programs

You know how you're supposed to periodically update your company safety programs?

We found a lot of our clients were too busy with onsite safety to find time to do this.

Seriously, some were years out of compliance.

We had to use a ShopVac to get the dust off them.

So we thought, "Hey, we manage these for you."

How can you use them if they're not even in compliance!?

Plus, we've got auditors, technical editors and safety specialists to make sure you get the job is done right.

We can help support the heath of your safety program by improving your safety programs.

You have them for a reason. Make sure they're up to date and usable.

For Companies Who HATE Bad Training...

I'm passionate about good training and I get really annoyed when training sucks.


Have you ever looked into an audience of people who are nearly asleep and counted how many people are in the audience, then took the average hourly rate and multiplied them?

It usually comes out to a big number.

That's a big missed opportunity if the training isn't good.

And what's worse is, bad training means employees aren't learning.

If you don't learn from your safety training, chances are, you're going to make mistakes.

Most business owners and most safety professionals do not have the time to make great training.

But we do.

Let us help you out.

For Companies That Want an Entire Year of Customized ToolboxTalks

We've all been there.

That last-minute, mad dash to Google to find something to talk about for 15 minutes at your Toolbox Talk or safety meeting.

If you're running this far behind, it usually doesn't end up being a very valuable part of your day - or anyone else's.

How about, we take care of it for you?

You can get Toolbox Talks customized to your company so you have an entire year's supply ready-to-go.

They include OSHA statistics, injury facts and thought-provoking questions.

Don't struggle to find something last minute.

Let us put the work in ahead of time so you're ready.


And a whole lot more...

Don't see quite what you're looking for?

Drop us a line. We'll be in touch within 24 hours.

We can help and if not, I bet we know someone who can.