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What do you mean by light construction? 

I know, I know, the term "light" started getting a bad name when they started putting it on tasteless foods, but in this case, light is actually a good thing.

Light Construction is for those businesses out there that are involved in construction but don't encounter the high-hazard work of a traditional construction company.

Light Construction

You may not do work involving cranes or a jackhammers, or constructing buildings, roads or theme parks, but yeah, your business is still in construction. However, for most of our clients, the Light Construction group is really differentiated by the lack of high-hazard work.

This most typically applies to design firms, painting contractors, sign builders to name a few. 

SnapFox Safety Light Construction SnapFox Safety Light Construction SnapFox Safety Light Construction

For you, we've created the Light Construction Safety Program Package to provide the most commonly required OSHA written programs, along with a few extras to round out your safety library. 

Along with this, we provide online consultations when you need it. 

Don't see quite what you need? Check out our more extensive Construction Industry section. 

We hope to help you and your business cut through red tape and make safety requirements simple! 

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